Dont Just visit come and stay in a part of Australian history


Welcome to Greenhills Inn

FREE Van and Motorhome Camping Area

The camping area is to the East of the pub on the gravel area under shady trees.

Rodney and Apryl welcome you to make yourself at home.


The Greenhills Inn is a superb double storey Federation style building, built in 1906 by one of the first female publicans in Western Australia, Mary Ann McMullen. On the death of Mary Ann McMullen in 1923, she bequeathed the fine two story hotel to her father, Alfred Dinsdale who was the Mayor of York at the time.

A pub that seems to be in the middle of no-where was built in Greenhills - a town of over 2,000 people and the end of the line of the train line to Kalgoorlie. This was the third pub to be built in Greenhills and was originally named the Railway Hotel as it was directly opposite the railway station. The Club Hotel, was located on the corner of the Club Hotel Road and was dismantled and taken on the railway line to Perenjori where it was reassembled. 

May Ann McMullen was ahead of her time, and travelled to Albany to where the Roads Board was at the time, to make an agreement that she would build a Town Hall, if the main road went past her hotel. The Greenhills Town Hall was built and opened in 1910. The plaque says it was opened by Mary Ann McMullen, it does not mention that it was built by her. The main road went right past her hotel until the late 60’s when the road was redirected on a sweeping bend to Quairading.  

From 1906 – 1946 the Railway Hotel saw fourteen licensees and in 1954 the name changed to the Sedgemore Hotel by Mr Clyde Easthaugh. It remained a hotel until 1989 when the liquor licence was sold separately to Point Samson for $100,000 and the building was sold for $60,000.

Without a liquor licence, it was a private residence from 1989 – 1996 for Kim and Tania Warnock and four years operational as a school dormitory campsite with up to 25 -30 bookings a year.

In 1996 it was sold by private treaty to John Perry and John Matthews, known locally as ‘the boys’. They had the money to renovate the building and bring back the liquor license to create an iconic pub ‘in the middle of the paddocks’, named the Greenhills Tavern, later changed to Greenhills Inn.

The Boys flair for the dramatic was seen in every room and their eclectic mix of antiques and collectables covered every surface. They built on a function room to the west, which was built as a permanent marquee for weddings and when the building was sold, it had weddings fully booked for two years. 

The boys sold the hotel with all the antiques and collectables in 2000. The pub once again had several owners and lessees who sold a lot of the antiques over the time.

By 2014 Greenhills Inn was once again very run down and only open on weekends. There were ten work orders on the place.  Apryl Longford and Rodney Wells bought the Hotel, with a vision to renovate, open the doors every day and grow the business to its full potential.